The remote valley of Svaneti is much less famous among birders than Kazbegi, but it offers great birding. All target species can be seen here, and a road that runs up the mountain to 3000m provides easier access in summer, when birds moved up to their breeding grounds high up in the mountains. Because of its isolation, the region has kept much of its authentic Caucasian culture, and spending a night in a Svanetian tower village is an unforgettable experience.


Target species

Caucasian Black Grouse, Caucasian Snowcock, Great Rosefinch, Güldenstadt's Redstart, Caucasian Chiffchaff, Green Warbler, Krüper's Nuthatch, Red-fronted Serin, Wallcreeper, Common Rosefinch, Twite, Horned Lark, Bearded Vulture.

Caucasian grouse female. Photo by Danny Vokins


The program

September 21: 10 am departure from Batumi, with stops around Kolkheti wetlands. Arrival around 7pm in Mestia.

September 22: Drive up Mt. Tetnuldi, to 3000m, where Caucasian Snowcock, Great Rosefinch and Güldenstadt's Redstart can be observed.

September 23: Morning looking for Caucasian Black Grouse. Drive back to Batumi.



21 to 23 Sep 2020

Price & Booking

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